Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Friends!

We hope this Labor Day weekend finds you well and enjoying some extra time off work! We are very busy this weekend, but it's exciting work so we don't mind it a bit! The entire month of September is shaping up to be chock full of busyness for us, so we'll get right to it and attempt to keep the exclamation points to a minimum!

First off, we've released a brand new song titled "Least of These" from our new record and you can listen to it and download it for FREE right now at! In less than 3 days since its release, we've already given away over 1800 downloads! We'd definitely like for you to download it while you've got the chance. It will only be available for free until later this month when the new album comes out. When we released "Least of These" on Friday night, we hadn't planned to release it to radio because there are other songs on the new album that we thought would be better suited for radio. But it's looking like God has other plans! "Least of These" has already been added in heavy rotation on Voice of Truth Radio (San Antonio, Texas) and has also just been picked up by LIGHT FM (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)! We have several other radio stations around the world are interested in adding it as well! We are honored that God would take this song so far!

Secondly, our aforementioned upcoming album, Where I'm Found, is coming along splendidly and we can't wait to release it! Everything should be finished in a few weeks and then it will be hitting iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic etc. at the end of the month! This is our first full-length album (9 songs) and by far our most diverse project to date. We are exceptionally thrilled about Where I'm Found because we feel like this album really captures who we are as a band.

Third, between September 10th and October 20th, our frontman Andrew will be cycling 1,000 miles to help raise awareness and funds for Blood:Water Mission to help them reach their goal of building 1,000 wells in Africa! In 2005, Blood:Water Mission launched the 1000 Wells Project, a nation-wide effort to raise enough money to provide clean water and sanitation for 1,000 communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Since that time, 859 water projects have been completed, serving a total of 570,000 people in 11 countries. Please consider sponsoring Andrew as he cycles 1,000 Miles for 1,000 Wells! You can contact Andrew about sponsoring him or making a donation to Blood:Water Mission by sending him an email at Also, look for 1,000 Miles for 1,000 Wells on Facebook!

Thanks for reading! Blessings to you,
Christin, Andrew and Kaitie
~Truth Bomb

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