Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scenic Route

Hello Friends!

My goodness, it's been an insane year so far! A part of me wants to just fast forward to next year when (I hope) things will be a little more organized and normal, but really, that's not what I want anyway. I remember reading a story as a kid about a boy who was given a golden ball (I think) that had a silver string coming out of it. Anytime he wanted to fast forward to a "better" part of his life he could just pull the string and he'd be there. Finally, when he is old, he realizes he doesn't have much time left to live and he wishes he could have all those moments back that he had been so eager to skip when he was young. I don't really want to be like that. But it is tempting sometimes to wish away the time, isn't it?

I was thinking last night about a great song called "Scenic Route" from Jars of Clay's latest album. The song is about two people (presumably a husband and wife) who take the scenic route home so they have more time to work things out and really get to know each other. It seems like God works that way a lot too. He holds time in His hands and He could easily skip through the tedious things in life, but instead He seems to enjoy taking us on the scenic route. It's the times that we feel like we're running around in circles and getting nowhere fast that we really get to know God better. Those are the times we stop to ponder where we are really headed anyway.

For 4 years we (as in Truth Bomb) have been pushing ahead, breaking new ground, making progress. And now for this fifth year I think God decided we would take the scenic route. We need to learn a few things about Him and where He really wants to take us. And the scenic route is the best way to get there. Even if it's not as fast as the Interstate.

One of the many stops we have made on this route so far was actually at Amway Arena in Orlando for the American Idol auditions last week. Andrew auditioned for the show and he didn't make it through, but God made it clear to him that his calling is to lead God's people in worship through song no matter where he is. Even if it's the parking lot of Amway Arena at the break of dawn. He'll have to tell you the story himself sometime. I wasn't there. I only heard the stories. But even I was encouraged by what took place in that parking lot.
Here's to taking the long way home.
Many Blessings,

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